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Falling for the Enemy

Falling for the Enemy - Samanthe Beck 4.5 stars
I think that Shaun and Ginny might be my favorite Bluelick couple. I have enjoyed how well Ms. Beck combined the "Brazen" aspects and the small town setting in the Private Pleasures series .
Ginny was a great character, she wasn't needy or bogged down with "issues" and Shaun was practically normal (with a few little bits of issue here and there) In other words, there wasn't a bunch of crazy miscommunication or stupid back and forth.
I truly enjoyed Ginny and Shaun. Shaun and his "Sweet Virginia" had my knees all wobbly and he was a perfect mix of affectionate and dominant with some stellar dirty talkin' thrown in.
I have more to say but I'll save it for later.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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