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I Saw Her Standing There

I Saw Her Standing There - Marie Force  

I'm always excited beyond belief when I start a Marie Force book and depressed when I'm done.  Every single book, I am beyond excited to start it and to return to the world that Ms. Force has created!  Then as I'm reading, reality dawns upon me that sooner or later, I'll come to the end of the book and finish it.  I guess I can call that a First World/Book reading problem.  There are much worse problems to have.

Now, this book?  I ADORED Lucy and Colton!! Colton was just as delicious and charming as his older brother, Will.  I remember when I read Will and Cameron's book, All You Need Is Love, and I completely freaked out over Will.  I kept wondering, are all of the Abbott men, this AWESOME?  So far, the answer is


There is something about the Abbott men and their skills in and out of the bedroom.  Holy CRAP.

He kissed her.  Hard.

When she moaned and opened her mouth to his tongue, he took full advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate the other things she could do with her mouth beside obsess about other women in his life.  He wrapped his arms around her and settled into his kiss as his muscular body pressed against hers.

Lucy curled her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips.  She'd never been kissed the way Colton Abbott kissed her, as if kissing her was the only thing keeping him alive.  He didn't kiss so much as consume.  She felt consumed by him, and it was the sweetest feeling she'd ever known.




Colton and Lucy lead very different lives in completely different places and neither one has any plan to make a change.  So what happens with you fall madly in love (while in a bit of denial about it) with someone and all you can think of is that person, wanting to be with that person and you can't see them on a daily, much less weekly basis?  This is the conundrum for Colton and Lucy.  To Ms. Force's credit, there was no easy, quick fix.  She brought them along slowly and I kept wondering, how in the world would Lucy and Colton figure this out?  I love that there was no quick fix, it was all about Colton and Lucy figuring out what was important to them and how to manage their lives and compromise.

And of course we cannot forget the elder members of the Abbott family and their adorable meddling ways.  I truly love how Ms. Force has woven the parents and grandparents into this series (just as she has done in the McCarthy/Gansett series).  Although, the elder Abbotts are on another level of meddling, but it's meant in a "we know what's good for you  and we are going to do it anyway- way".  We also get to hang out with Cameron/Will (squee) which made for some hilarious conversations between brothers and BFFs.  Hannah/Nolan of course made several appearances and we got a little bit more of Hunter.  I really cannot wait to see how Hunter's book plays out.  I loved getting a glimpse of the Abbott family members via conversations with Colton (aka giving advice) and family dinner.

In conclusion.  I LOVED this book.  Love Love Love and I cannot wait for more from Ms. Force and this series.  Hell, I'll read anything she writes, she's THAT author for me.  If she writes it, I'll buy it.




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