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Game for Tonight

Game for Tonight - Karen  Erickson Remember me?  Football girl!

I LOVE this series.  This series is so solid for me, all 3 books are GREAT and frankly, I did not want this to be the last book.  But I guess if you're going to end it, ending it on a virgin football player, isn't a bad way to go.

Oh, I hear you....a virgin football player?  Let me tell you, it's refreshing and you will LOVE Flynn.  It's a nice change of pace to read a male MC that issn't a man whore.  But don't let that deter you, Flynn has been so focused on his football career, he has always felt like a relationship, much less sex, would be a distraction.  Flynn iss truly a student of the game and is concerned that a woman will break his concentration and possibly compromise his athletic performance.  That's not to say he hasn't done...anything.  So he isn't a complete freak of nature. ;)

Enter Aubrey, publicist extraordinaire and this woman has a rip roaring raging crush on Flynn.
He also made Aubrey's toes curl every time he so much as looked her way.  A rather difficult thing to ignore, considering she was his publicist and worked with him all the time.  As in, she had to stare at that handsome face and listen to that deep, delicious voice all the time, too.  Which in turn led to her curling-toe affliction and the rapid development of her mad, crazy crush.


The thing is, the attraction is completely mutual and undeniable.  Flynn began to wonder if there more to life than being a back up quarterback...

When these two finally give in to their attraction, FIREWORKS!  From the very first kiss, I was completely sold on Aubrey and Flynn.
Aubrey was completely surrounded by a warm, big muscular man, and it felt so incredibly good to be in Flynn's strong arms.  He was kissing her as if his life depended on it, and she buried her fingers in his hair, holding him close.


Once Flynn gets a taste of the fantastic lovin' that Aubrey serves up, he feels the need for MORE.  They both have personal and professional issues to wrestle with that certainly didn't help make things any easier.  They each have a parent that is a pain in the ass and that doesn't help.

Ok- I truly enjoyed this book and this whole series and that's the best I can give you out of my very tired brain :)  Although, I'd still love more from this series because I love every single one of these books.







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