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All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Coming Home Novella (Coming Home 5.5)

All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Coming Home Novella (Coming Home 5.5) - Jessica Scott Hope.  Or how about feeling the complete lack thereof?  I'm sure we've all gone through periods of time where we felt completely hopeless and nothing feels right, so we bury our head and hope it will just go away.  Can you imagine feeling this way for an extended period of time and just kind of giving up and letting what you love most just slip away?  Like love, family, passion, and emotions.  This is a short story that goes through all of the emotions of feeling helpless and how you finally ask for help.  How you reach for the hand that is offering you help.

As always, Ms. Scott gives us a heartfelt look into what coming back home can feel like and how hard it can be on everyone.  I loved this novella, just as I've loved the other books in this series.  I would LOVE a full length prequel of Samantha and Patrick, how they met, how their family came to be.  I think I just want more Patrick ;)   If you're a Jessica Scott fan, don't miss this one!!

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The novella ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU is also included in November 11th release HOME FOR CHRISTMAS with Joann Ross.


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