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The Wedding Vow: A Save the Date Novel: The Billionaire's Demand

The Wedding Vow: A Save the Date Novel: The Billionaire's Demand - Cara Connelly I love this series.  Ms. Connelly has taken two adversaries and turned their chemistry on it's head.  Holy crap.  These two have quite a history, she tried to put him in jail for burglary and NOW he wants her help to get back insurance money after one of his paintings is stolen.

The story is quite interesting and the characters are so well executed.  Adam is a bad boy billionaire and Maddie is ALL business, in fact, her nickname is The Pitbull.  The woman can seriously bust some balls and let's face it, Adam could use some humility, lol.  One thing I liked about Adam was that he really, really liked Maddie just the way she was, feisty and badass.  He didn't want her to change or tone down who she was.

Madeline St. Clair might be tiny enough to fit in his pocket, but she had the grit of a two-hundred pound cage fighter.


Let's talk about the chemistry.  Adam and Maddie have it in spades, whether it's left over from being in an adversarial relationship, plain old UST or a combination of both..I don't know, but there is PLENTY of it.  Ms. Connelly crafts those moments so well and they just spill over with passion and HOTNESS.

The two MCs come into this coupling with some pretty serious baggage.  Both had less than idyllic childhoods and have pretty much given up on marriage and family.  As they spend time with each other, they come to realize that creating a family and having someone else to rely on, to come home to, wouldn't be such a horrible thing.   They fight it, more so Maddie that Adam but the pull towards each other is undeniable.

Ms. Connelly's books are ALWAYS passionate (HOT):
And with everything hanging on it, everything balanced on the head of a pin, he dipped his head, took her lips.  He held back this time, chained the animal within, and kissed her softly, licking inside, nipping lightly at her swollen lips.

She lay perfectly still, clutching the blanket, rigid with tension.  And he sank deeper, still gentle, but his tongue wanted inside.  She let it stroke her, let it learn the shape of her teeth.

His hand came up to cup her cheek.  His thumb grazed her jaw, touched the corner of her mouth.  Then pushed inside.

AND her books are ALWAYS funny (the beginning of each chapter features Maddie's BFF's perspective Wedding Vows)
Vicky: I promise to walk with you through the light and the dark, the good times and the bad.

Maddie: Unless there are zombies, then you're on your own.


I found myself laughing, sighing and fanning myself.  I cannot wait for the next book in February 2015!






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