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Uncover Me

Uncover Me - Linda Barlow


This was a completely new author to me and I have to say that I am glad I took the chance on her.  Ellie was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up getting herself into quite a mess.  She unwittingly becomes a (sort of sex) slave to a super hot guy she is attracted to immediately and the wheels of the plot are set into motion.

Ellie and the setting of this book were the highlights of the book for me.   Ellie was just...cool.  She was intelligent, tough and she knew how to keep her mouth shut and listen.  She wasn't a harpy or annoying nor was she a sniveling idiot.  Frankly, she was quite refreshing.  The setting?  Turkey and a treasure hunt (of sorts) for the ruins of the city of Troy.

Nick.  Hmmmmm. Honestly, I haven't completely figured out how I feel about Nick, even knowing what I know now, he still feels somewhat enigmatic to me.  I wasn't sure of his plans or motivations during a good part of the book (which is fine by the way) so, maybe I just didn't connect to him as well.  (This is not a bad thing)

POV.  It alternated between Nick and Ellie and I really enjoyed both points of view.  Nick's POV certainly revealed the motivation for his actions and his true self and Ellie was just downright funny to me.  Like I said before, she was one cool character. The chemistry between the two of them was pretty smokin', the challenged each other at every turn.

Overall, I enjoyed this one and would read more by this author.




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