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Surrender - June Gray Hmmm.  I really like this series and I have to admit that am a bit behind with it.  I have yet to read the book before this one, Arrest.  That being said, if you have not picked up one single book in the series before this one, you will be ok.  I am aware of some of the events in Arrest but I didn't feel spoiled by any means. This is a really good series, so if you haven't read it you can read it all (books 1-6) in DISARM.

I have to admit that I came away from this book not being a big fan of Julie.  I just never really connected with her very well.  She was kind of hard on Neal and kept pushing him away and I just have a hard time with that kind of character.  *Shrugs*

Now, I really did like Neal.  He was a really sweet guy and he and Julie connected quite quickly.  Neal was open and affectionate and downright HOT when it came to the sexy times.  I truly loved how caring and affectionate he was.

I leaned my head on his shoulder.  "I haven't been held like this in so long," I murmured, then realized belatedly what I 'd said.  I was only too glad that the darkness hid the blush that was no doubt coloring my face.

"That's a damn shame," he said, bowing his head to rest his cheek against my temple.

"A woman like you should always be held like this."


Sigh.  See?  Neal.




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