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Hart Attack

Hart Attack - Cristin Harber I think we all have a series where, you meet a character that you kind of become obsessed with.  Let's say you meet that character pretty early on in the series, say book one or two.  That's nice isn't it?  And then the author proceeds to TORTURE you, giving you little pieces of the character and possibly introducing a love interest a couple of books before said lusted after character.  Are you still with me?  Good.

In case you haven't caught on yet, Roman Hart, is that character for me.  I wanted his story from the moment he jumped off the page in Garrison's Creed.  Actually, he didn't jump off the page, so much cuss right off of it.  That's how we meet him, cussing at Cash.  Ha! Roman is surly. He's been through a lot, everything with Nicola and now it seems it's his turn to fall head over heels in love with a woman is going to challenge him every step of the way.

Beth.  Our girl Beth is formidable and yet quite vulnerable down deep and she has wrapped herself in her work to function in her life.  Beth carries a huge amount of sadness and guilt around and I really just wanted to hug her.  (Actually, I really wanted her to let Roman hug her) She knows that Roman is her Achilles Heel but feels the undeniable pull towards him.  It's almost comical the dance the two of them do around each other.

Like all of the Titan women, she is no slouch and Lord knows she has to be a badass in some way to be able to deal with Roman.  Let's face it, he can be kind of jerk and he makes no apologies for that and it's rather endearing to me in a "I'm an alpha giving you a hard time because I care about you" way.

"I didn't say you were a booty call, Beth." He left the door open and walked down the hall.

"Come in or leave.  Either way, shut the door."

Freakin' attitude problem.  "You're a jerk."


"The asshole routine isn't a good look for you, just so you know."

Though, the shirtless look was.  Carefully, she stepped into his house and prayed that he'd put a shirt on.

Well, kinda.


To say that there was a fair amount of verbal sparring in this one would be an understatement.(Also the kind of verbal sparring where you just want them to finally throw down and get naked)  I enjoyed the give and take of Roman and Beth, they were well matched and complemented each other.  Professionally, they worked well together too and I really enjoyed that aspect of the book.  Oh and there's Roman suit porn.  YES.  Roman in camo and cargos is one thing but the thought of Roman in a dress shirt and suit jacket makes MAH knees all wobbly.  Good googly moogly.

Let's talk about the Titanverse.  Yes- that's my new name for it...I'm trademarking that name.  TITANVERSE.  The whole gang showed up and I freaking loved it.  Sugar, who I enjoy more and more made a memorable appearance and of course, cracked me up.  Hell, they all made an appearance!  I love Titan family reunions.  Ahhhhh.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the bromance between Cash and Roman?

"Doesn't your wife feed you?"

Cash ignored him.  "So who was the lucky lady?"

"It's not like that."

"Man, you broke out the crescent rolls.  Of course it's like that-"  Cash pivoted, head tilted.  "Is a Beth thing?"


"Not a thing?  Or not Beth?"

Roman stared at the rolls. "If you choked and died this minute, I'd be okay with it."


Awww see?  I love these boys.  Oh...so um I kinda got to ask Roman my favorite 10 questions (from Inside the Actors Studio) and he DID NOT disappoint. (You can read it on the blog)




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