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Christmas at Twilight

Christmas at Twilight - Lori Wilde

I love a good holiday/Christmas story and I gotta tell you that this is a GREAT book and I loved it.  Holiday books tend to be light and fluffy, this one is not.  It's intense.

Both characters are gong through some very heavy stuff.  Hutch is recuperating from being wounded while deployed and his throat injury complicates his life a great deal.  Let's throw Meredith in on top of that, this woman is running for her and her son's life from a truly crazy son of a bitch.  She settles in the lovely town of Twilight with her precious little boy and almost starts to feel like maybe she could make a life there.  She remains super cautious and ready to pack up and leave at any time, though.

Twilight is a typical small town with plenty of meddling folks who mean well.  Let's face it, Hutch and Meredith needed all the help they could get!  The challenges they needed to surpass were pretty epic.  While there was an extremely intense plot, the holiday aspect was well represented and I loved that too.

The children in this one were also fantastically written and were so cute.

Overall, an excellent Christmas read to add to your Holiday tbr list.  Even though this is book 5 in the series, you can read it as a stand alone.



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