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aUnti Sara Jane Stone #2

aUnti Sara Jane Stone #2 - Sara Jane Stone LIAM!  Liam was kind of NOT my favorite person in the first book.  BUT, I was still looking forward to getting to know him better and ohhhh boy did we ever get to know him better.  He was such a pleasant surprise!  And by pleasant I mean ROWR and hubba hubba.
"First, I'd strip off your clothes,"  he continued, his voice a low growl.

"I'm dying to see every inch of you.  Touch you.  Taste you. And make you scream.  I want to hear my name on your lips over and over."

Alrighty then.  Liam and Katie had pretty fantastic chemistry that went back many years.  So of course there's a bit of bad mojo between them, more so from Katie than Liam.  Poor Liam, he really does mean well.  Katie suffers from a case of revengitis, which frankly, I'm not a huge fan of the trope.  So, I kind of went back and forth a bit, wanting to smack Katie upside the head.  Liam was a total KEEPER.  You do not let a man like Liam get away!!!  Come on, Katie! Get over your issues and let the guy take care of you!  In the end, I really enjoyed how Ms. Stone brought everything and everyone together.

Katie's brothers.  OMG....I need their books now! I enjoyed their role in this book and I'm glad we got to meet each one of them just a little bit more.   I'm so excited that Ms. Stone is writing books for Katie's brothers.  I'm not sure I can handle waiting until January 2015 to get Chad and Lena's book.  Alas, I will survive somehow.  So, you have plenty of time to read this book and Full Exposure (book 1) and you'll be all caught up and ready for book 3 in Jan 2015.



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