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No Limits (Hqn)

No Limits - Lori Foster 4.5 Stars
I have to admit that I've had a bit of an unintended sabbatical where Lori Foster in concerned.  One of my all time favorite series is her Men Who Walk on The Edge of Honor.  At the urging of a friend, I picked it a few years ago and fell in love.  If I was smart, I would've hopped from that series to the Lover Undercover series, which links to the Ultimate series.  You still with me?

So, I picked the first book, which actually was a novella - Hard Knocks  and I knew I was going to be hooked on this series and then I felt really bad because I missed the Lover Undercover series (those books have been sitting on my Kindle mocking me, daring me to read them).  I plan to rectify that oversight ASAP.

Cannon and Yvette have led me back to the Lori Foster fold and I'm so very happy to be back.  Cannon is so completely swoon worthy.  Like, majorly SWOON WORTHY.  He knows he has a way with the ladies and knows he can get what he needs when he needs it.  Sometimes, characters like Cannon, are jerks.  My man, Cannon is soooo not a jerk.  He is sexy and yet very kind and he knows how to let a woman down without pissing her off.

When Cannon makes up his mind about a woman, that's it.  It's happening...it's on like DONKEY KONG.  Even with Yvette being hesitant about getting involved with him (even though she's had the hots for him since she was a teenager) Cannon decides that he and Yvette are going to be together and he will stop at nothing to make that happen.  But what I really loved about him was that he pushed Yvette a bit, knowing she was hesitant to get physical with him.  But they way he did it, he pushed without overwhelming her.   See?  Swoon worthy.  And he has quite a mouth on him... kind of a dirty talker.  Verrrrrry nice.
His thumbs brushed along her jaw.  "Tell me the truth, Yvette."

She loved it when he touched her like this, when she felt his strength mixed with gentleness.  It was a hot, macho, potent combination, and no one ever had possessed the same ability to make her feel so many things.

Wrapping her hands over his wrists, she looked up at him.  "I want to give you everything you're supposed to have."

His gaze dropped to her mouth.  "What if I'm supposed to have you?"

Her breath caught.  "Cannon," she chided.

Pleasure showed in his blue eyes.  "Yvette."



(Even Seth Cohen thinks Cannon is SWOON WORTHY)

Amongst the happenings between Cannon and Yvette is ARMIE.  Holy crap on a cracker, I need this man's book....STAT.  I figured out pretty early on whose direction Ms. Foster was pointing him in and I LOVE IT.  Armie is a trip and love his words of wisdom to Cannon as far as how to woo Yvette.  I find it ironic that Armie fancies himself a relationship advice giver. ;)

So to conclude: Cannon=SWOON WORTHY.  Lori Foster- I'm glad to be back in your world.  Armie- I need that book.....NOWishhhhhh.




No Limits

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Novella: Hard Knocks

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