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Covet - Tracey Garvis Graves I started this one late last night and got about 20% in and went to sleep. Today, I finished it. I procrastinated and just let myself disappear into this book. Ms. Garvis-Graves always manages to pull me into her books by my throat. :)
This one has been on my Kindle for quite awhile and I wanted to read it before the next book in the series comes out 10/28. Mission accomplished!
Hours later, this book is still sitting with me. TGG's books always tend to stay with me afterwards and "stew" in my brain. You have to be a patient reader of TGG's books and understand that she is going to take you on a bit of a journey. I think we've become a bit ADD with our books and don't have as much patience for anything over 60k words. TGG needs you to be patient.