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Forged in Steele

Forged in Steele - Maya Banks STEELE! I'm trying to figure out how to write this review without giving away too many things that are fun to read on your own. (and i don't feel like doing spoiler tags lol) SO many things we learn about Maren and Steele! I mean, we really didn't know much of anything about Steele or Maren. Steele was uber alpha, super quiet- get it done guy. "Ice man". Just goes to show you that the right woman can bring almost any man to his knees. For me, I really enjoyed the story Ms. banks wrote for our Steele and Maren. I felt it worked for both of them. I will say I was surprised at how talkative Steele was once he let down his own walls and admitted to himself that KGI was not the end all/be all in his life. There was a scene that was so out of the realm of believabilty (yes, I made that word up) but nothing as bad as in PJs book. I wonder if we will get more as far as Hancock is concerned- he is a very interesting character. Also, Rusty, Sean and there some new KGI members that are all begging for a story. Looking forward to Donovan in the next book. Overall, I was very happy with this book and I might even put it in a re read pile- because I LOVE "in love" Steele!