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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley OK. Going to try to make some sense here. I may have to come back to this review to tweak it. BUT- to preface this- I just finished doing a re read of Raid, Knight and For You. So, I was in the KA zone. The zone before OTW. I have to say that I liked this one a lot more than OTW. I was very worried though, I was worried because the KA "sparkle" wasn't there for me. And early reviews mentioned that this was somewhat anti-climatic b/c there is no big bad and no kidnapping or horrible event at 90%.I say- thank goodness for that! Lanie had been through enough and I tell ya- Hopper Kincaid was right the fuck what she needed. That man, I tell you...he was a lover. From the very beginning of their "affair" he was sweet, considerate and loving. And he figured out early on what was going on with Lanie and what kind of battle he would have to wade into. This was Lanie's story, her battle to find herself, to find a way to trust herself again after falling in love with Elliott and standing by him. This one was about family and the value of it. Whether it was a good one or a bad one. Family also = Chaos MC. This book really set me on my ass. I was not expecting to love it, I was not expecting to love Hop or Lanie for that matter. But for ME, I figured out early on what this was about. On the down side- the only thing that really bothered me was the back and forth after the 70% mark. I got a little whiplash from the 2 of them. But overall, I really, really enjoyed this book.