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Raid - Kristen Ashley Re read- 5/31/13 Raid still makes me swoon! 4.5 stars. I just finished this one, so I hope I can write a review that makes sense. It has been awhile sense I've read KA- much less brand new KA. It took me a little bit to adjust to KA Alphaman speak and behavior. I loved Raiden from the get go, I loved Hanna too. Such a sweet and honest character- no BS. Which is just what Raiden needed! I enjoyed the courtship (what there was of it lol) even though Raiden knew exactly what he wanted from her. There was no game playing and no back and forth. I appreciated the conversation she had with her best friend KC regarding life with an Alpha. Miss Mildred was a wonderful character- she is a great example of what KA does so well- rich characters. Sylvie, Creed, Knight, Anya all made their appearances and I'm glad we got Deacon's place in this crew.Raid's "issues"...I appreciated that Hanna loved him through and in spite of the issues- he needed that in order to move on. One of the best parts of this book (for me) was KA's message to women about our bodies and how she addressed those issues in this book... I'll be honest... I cried. I did. Being 39 and having 3 kids very close together...well, I can identify. I'm pretty sure I've got the same kind of guy as Raiden in my life... he doesn't care. It's just part of the package. It's nice to be reminded that our (perceived) imperfections are loved just as much as our perfections.