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Rules of Entanglement (Fighting for Love, #2) - Gina L. Maxwell HOLY CRAP. I'd follow Gina Maxwell into the jowls of Hell if that's what she wanted me to do. I loved her first book and I loved this one no frigging less. Vanessa frustrated me with her rules. Like- a lot. But, then it was revealed here and there why she had those pesky rules. And Jackson? Holy Shit...where can I get me some JACKSON? Body shots? Um yeah. He was such a fantastic combination of tender and dominant, a really great Alpha. And then when he decided Vanessa was his?"You're mine. Right here, right now. Only mine."She reached up and trailed the tips of her fingers over his brow, down his nose, across his cheekbones, his lips. Finally, she placed her palms on the sides of his face, looked up at him with her heart in her eyes and whispered, "Only yours."This is one of parts where I just melted into a gooey puddle. Oh and I'm in the middle of packing up to move and I have this kickass book to read...so yeah. Oh and I have like 6 books coming out that I'm super excited about and I'm so happy with this book and I know it will be near the top of that list (Kristen Ashley "Own the Wind" is coming out and I worship the ground she walks on.) At this point, I pretty close to worshipping Ms. Maxwell. OH! And I cannot wait to read the nest book!!!!!Apologies for any loopiness... my brain is mush!