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Corralled - Lorelei James 3.5 to maybe a 4. 4 for the end.This book was the first book in the series and it was obvious. We had to meet a lot of people and read a fair amount of explanation of the rodeo world etc. I will say, that it is a huge relief to get back to an author that I know and love. I know Lorelei James is going to give me a solid and well written story. Was I crazy about this story? Parts of it? No. I was very confused throughout a lot of this book...was this going to end up a multipartner relationship story? Or would Lainie choose one? I was super glad that Lainie and hank ended up together. While I really liked Kyle, I just didn't feel like the entire package was there with her and Kyle. But, things with her and Hank totally worked. I really would've liked more time with them, just developing their relationship. The sexual aspect of their relationship was already developed way before Kyle made it on to the scene. The threesome stuff was not favorite only because they had a hard time really coming together, for me, on more than a physical level. The end was especially good because I was glad that Lanie came to terms with her mother and Dusty. I do wish that Ace would've gotten his ass kicked by someone thoughOverall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved meeting Celia, Abe, Kyle and TANNA! Love me some Tanna!