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Real - Katy Evans Apparently I read a completely different book than most everyone else. Too much internal dialogue for me. I skipped paragraphs. Stilted language and some grammatical errors. Made up words and some stuff that didn't make sense. -One does not bounce on their calves... one bounces on their toes.-One does not hit a speedball...one hits a speed bag.There is great potential for this book. Remington is a fantastic Alpha. I liked him A lot. He needs professional help for sure ( don't want to be spoilery so I won't go into why) Crap- I don't want this to be a mean review, that is not my intention but this book had potential but was held back by things that could have been changed/avoided. I know there is another one coming out and I hope it's tighter. (I also hope that the book blogs review it (the next book) more fairly. I read several reviews that said this was a phenomenal book and was soooo hot. Yes, it was hot!!! No doubt about that but let's be honest that it needed some work as far as sentence structure etc.)*sigh*