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Down and Dirty (Dare Me, #2) - Christine  Bell This will be between and 3 and 3.5. Mainly because Cat was hard to take in some ways. She was gutsy, smart and funny as hell but really pushed the envelope as far her "issues".A super hot, sexy, sweet and loving guy that you've known most of your life comes back to town for you and you want to run because you don't want to end up like your mother who chose her family over career? (sorry huge run on sentence)I bordered on not liking the character at all in many parts of the book and wondered at time how Shane could love her. (but he pointed out rightly so- that was was funny and smart and full of life etc) AND I LOVED SHANE!!! Loved seeing Lacey and Galen again and I'm hoping we might get a story on Courtney?? Maybe?