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In The Hay (Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas, #3) - Keri Ford Ok. Every book I read by Keri Ford I just fall further in love with her and her world of Apple Trail! Drew and Nicolette were so sweet and so hot. This one is my favorite so far but I bet I'll say that about the next one...etc. I love the way Keri writes, she's like Kristen Ashley...they write how I talk. Plus she really has a way with...words."I want you already." His hand stroked through her hair and it was a miracle he didn't catch any knots. It was like it all just sighed from root to tip in relaxation when he touched her. "I want you slow and long. Enough time where I can lick every inch of your body."Her heart jumped and pounded. Every nerve ending pricked her skin.He continued to whisper. "And under lights so I can see your breasts rising and falling as you lose your breath..." I mean HOLY CRAP. And that is just the tip of the very HOT iceberg.