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Take Me if You Dare

Take Me if You Dare - Nina Crespo 3.75 Stars
So this was a fun one. Novella length and I wanted MORE! I adored Ethan. Jasmine…well she is another female character that kind of frustrated me. There is the back and forth. The whole, I’ve been hurt before, so I’m going to hold you at arms length. I’ll admit, she has some pretty heavy baggage to deal with- her ex cheated on her during a long distance relationship. Although Jasmine’s…relationship or whatever starts with an intended one night stand with Ethan, in the back of her mind she knows being with Ethan would involve a long distance relationship at times. So, I can understand why she would be hesitant to give into her feelings for Ethan. I think maybe, personally, I’m just a bit over the whole, I’ve got issues/going back forth trope.

Ms. Crespo is a new author to me and I really enjoyed her writing style and even though this is a Brazen (which usually tends to have a pretty heavy physical relationship component) she did a really great job of developing Jasmine and Ethan’s relationship/connection OUTSIDE of the bedroom. I was a little sad by the ending, I’m a sucker for a prologue and I always want to know how a couple is doing 6 months or so down the road. Especially since Jasmine and Ethan will be in a long distance relationship at times. That is a hot button issue for her…how is she handling it? (But’s that just me….wanting more, more, more ;) If I didn’t like the book or care about the couple, I would not want to know more. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more from this author.

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