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Undaunted - Charity Parkerson I've totally become completely in love with this series.  These are novella length books and they are so good, that I wish they were longer because, I always want more of the featured couple.  Course in this book the couple from the first book was in this one and I liked catching up with them. More than anything, I'm happy that there are 4 books to this series (that I know of) and that I have 2 more to read!! (Maybe more?  Will Dane get a book?)

Once again, Ms. Parkerson has written a character in a way that totally sneaks up on me and makes me love him!  Because it isn't mentioned in the blurb, I'm going to go into SUPA DUPA spoiler mode and talk about the spoilery bits, so if you haven't read it or don't want to know who she ends up with- do not click!

I really had no idea how much a jerkwad Rhys really was!  His reaction to certain situations was kind of shocking to me- that he would treat Mandy the way he did.  And I wouldn't call it- callous or mean... he was just ungrateful and somewhat ignorant.  He kept going out with other girls and shoving them in her face even though they seemed to have this really incredible friendship...at times.  But he truly abused the friendship and turned into a giant turd by the end of the book for me.  Thank goodness for KNOX.  Talk about a dark horse!  Knox came out of nowhere for me and by the time he got his ass in gear, I was in LOVE.  I also loved how Ms. Parkerson slowly brought Knox along to the conclusion that HE was the Collier brother for Mandy.   

In conclusion:  I enjoyed this one as much as the first one, I'm happy that Mandy (cool name ;) ) ended up with... who she ended up with AND I want Dane to get a book.