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Falling for the Groomsman

Falling for the Groomsman - Diane Alberts, Jen McLaughlin I TOTALLY fell for this groomsman. Tyler, the bride’s brother and also….the kinda growly and grouchy doctor…at least when it comes to Christine. He and Christine had incredible chemistry that went back 8 years and that chemistry was quite alive and well present day. Christine was hell bent on completing a “list” she created and getting even with Tyler for something that happened 8 years ago and Tyler was just plain old had the hots for Christine. In fact, he had way more than the hots for her:

“She wore a black dress that fell above the knee, and a pair of red heels that belonged over a man’s head, not on the ground. No. Scratch that. Not any man’s head. His head”

Uh yeah. I would not kick him out of bed for ANY reason. There was sex against a freaking tree! And so damn hot. But poor Tyler, he was absolutely tied up in knots over Christine. She was too busy going back and forth about how she felt before she FINALLY gives up and gives in to how she truly feels about him. I truly adored Tyler. Thank goodness. I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly crazy about Christine and her treatment of Tyler. But in the end, I was ok with her. The epilogue was EPIC and Tyler…once again made me all swoony.

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