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Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold - Incy Black 3.75 stars
Uh yeah. I’d like to order a Nick Marshall of my own please. I’d prefer the model without his head up his ass. Nick and Anna’s heads were firmly planted in their asses for a good part of this book. But, don’t let that deter you, this was a VERY GOOD romantic suspense book! It kept me guessing and reading and wanting more.

Nick and Anna have quite an adversarial relationship…being that they were married and now divorced. I’ll admit that I experienced some frustration with their strained relationship at times. Y’know when you’re reading a book and all you want is for the MCs to just go ahead and screw the hell out of each other? That was me. Please for the love of God….just have TEH SEX!!! But these two have such a long and complicated history that no matter how hot, a romp in the sheets, would not be the cure for what ails them.

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