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Mistaking The Maid Of Honor

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor - Tessa Bailey I don’t think Tessa Bailey can write a book that I won’t love. Freaking REED aka Mr. Danger. Danger INDEED. My Kindle was smoking, this guy was dark, broody and a dirty talking ALPHA and I needed a cold shower. I adored Julie and she was a perfect complement to Reed and I loved the evolution of both characters. These two had very interesting back stories and pretty serious issues to over come. Reed was quite brooding and closed off and Julie was kind of his polar opposite, she was a care taker by nature and worked her ass off for everyone. I really felt for both of them. They pulled each other out of their own somewhat restrictive worlds. Julie was used to being in control at all times and so was Reed, especially in the bedroom…once they hit the bedroom- BOOM goes the dynamite.

Ms. Bailey has the ability to write incredible alphas and not one single one feels redundant. They are written with flaws and a deliciously dirty mouth and always with big….HEARTS. (Dirty minds….and all that) At this point, I’ve stopped ranking my love for the Bailey men because I think I love every single one. And you know what, her characters always feel fresh. Even though she writes similar kind of guy in each book, they all feel different to me. So for the love of all that is good and holy, Ms. Bailey, do not stop writing those dirty talkin’, growly, heart of gold Alphas.

“Reed hissed a breath. “If you knew the things I want to do to you, pixie, you’d already be underneath me with your legs in the air, screaming loud enough to shatter glass”

“You like that, sugar?” she whispered, barely audible among the bass-heavy music. He released a strangled growl against her neck. “Enough teasing. Sit down all the way and work my cock with your beautiful ass. No more games.”

This was one of those books that I had to slow myself down while reading it. I loved it and I just wanted more, more, more but I also wanted to savor it. I wanted both of these characters to get their HEA with each other but I could’ve read about them for an infinite amount of time.

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Copy for review provided by Entangled in exchange for a fair and honest review.