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Meeting His Match (A Match Me Novel) (Entangled Lovestruck)

Meeting His Match (A Match Me Novel) (Entangled Lovestruck) - Katee Robert I am officially sold on the new Entangled Lovestruck imprint.  This book was kind of a no brainer for me though because Katee Robert is one of my favorite authors.  I fell in love with Brock McNeil in the Wedding Dare series novella, Seducing the Bridesmaid and shortly after its' release Ms. Robert informed us that Brock's big bro, Caine, was getting his own book! I have absolutely complaints about this book.  I really liked Addison and I loved Caine and I absolutely loved them together.  They had instant chemistry and an attraction to each other and there wasn't a whole lot of dancing around that attraction.  This book was a super easy read and it wasn't full of angst and obstacles...not saying there we NO obstacles but it was reasonable. Caine was...delicious.
He went still, as fascinated by the confused look on her face as by the warmth of her touch against his chest.  She stared at her hand like it didn't belong to her. "Um..." If he were a better man, he'd extract himself from this situation and let her retreat.  He wasn't a better man.  He closed the small distance between them and did what he'd wanted to do ever since he set eyes on her.  He cupped the back of her neck and kissed her.

I am here to tell you...Caine is the better man. :)  Every time he said "Darlin'" to Addison, I melted into a gooey puddle.  I loved that very same thing about his brother Brock and I almost wish there were more McNeil brothers to read about!  I also really liked hearing about Regan and Brock (we get a couple of little cameos from them) I cannot wait to read more from this imprint, I really liked the concept of this one and I can't wait to see what Ms. Robert releases next!


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