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Worn Me Down (Playing With Fire #3)

Worn Me Down (Playing With Fire #3) - T.E. Sivec I really, really enjoyed this book. Austin and Gwen were fun and engaging characters to read and I loved their verbal sparring. Gwen is such a smart ass and she won't take any shit from anyone, much less Austin. Austin knows that he can't resist Gwen but he sure does try!

Sometimes, books where the main characters engage in a lot of verbal sparring, get weighed down with attitude and it bores me to tears. This one did not, in fact they actually talked about what they were feeling. Austin totally owned up to how he was feeling to Gwen... that he was not husband/father material. It was refreshing to have these kinds of mature adult conversations that do not dissolve into who can be a bigger smartass. They both have their own big bags of baggage that they bring to the table. Austin is afraid to be more to a woman than a booty call and keeps them at arms length and Gwen just plain can't trust a man to not hurt her again. So, we get to sit back watch the show.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and is not a paid review.
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